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Lasers and Electronics


Lithuania was one of the largest centres for electronics in the Soviet Union era. The key products manufactured included television equipment, computers, semiconductors and radio measurement equipment. Lithuanian companies were also key suppliers to the Soviet military and aerospace programmes.

Lithuania’s strategic location has put the country on Europe’s largest logistics corridors linking Russia and western Europe. Investors from Scandinavia have been quick to realize the potential of Lithuania and have actively invested in the country as a near-sourcing alternative. Sweden and Denmark remain the largest foreign direct investors in Lithuania in 2009.

Industrial has remained one of the largest business sectors with medical electronics and optical instruments being a focus area for electronics manufacturers in the country. Another key area is the manufacture of radio, television and communications equipment components, which are exported to Scandinavia, Western Europe as well as eastern European countries like Poland and Russia.

The EMS segment is a major segment in Lithuania with many contract manufacturers leveraging Lithuania as a cost-competitive and volume manufacturing hub. Currently, foreign investments in Lithuania constitute around 35 % of the total number of companies in electronics assembly in Lithuania.

Laser technology

Laser technology is another key allied industry, which has placed Lithuania on the global map. Lithuania accounts for more than half of the global market of pico-second laser spectrometers. These are widely exported to European countries as well as Asian countries like Japan.

• Global leadership in applying fundamental research to manufacturing
• Leading in global production of ultra-fast parametric light generators (80 %)
• Every tenth laser professional holds a PhD
• 86 % of production exported to nearly 100 countries
• Winner of the 2011 Prism Award for Photonics Innovation in Scientific laser category (EKSPLA)

Light Conversion

Light Conversion is the world leading manufacturer of continuously wavelength tuneable ultrafast light sources based on TOPAS series of optical parametric amplifiers and frequency mixers. Established in 1994, as a spin-off from Vilnius University Laser Research Centre, the company has built its strength on profound knowledge in the field of optical parametric generation and amplification accumulated by its people.

Source: Invest Lithuania

Key Industry Sectors

Image 1 ICT EU's fastest internet and greatest fiber broadband penetration.
Image 2 Biotechnology One of the most sophisticated in Central and Eastern Europe.
Image 3 Lasers and Electronics More than half of the global market of pico-second laser spectrometers.
Image 4 Metal Processing Supplies companies such as Volkswagen, Volvo, SAAB, Renault, Yazaki.