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Metal Processing

Besides long-standing engineering traditions (since the technological leadership within the Soviet Union), engineering has become rapidly growing sector, displaying competitiveness and integration into international markets.

A key to Lithuania’s metal processing industry success is the supply of specific products to large foreign and local companies as well as the active modernization of production. Lithuanian metal processing and transport equipment companies supply various transport parts to companies such as Volkswagen, Volvo, SAAB, Renault, and Yazaki, which are known to demand top quality and value.

The industry has strong ties with the construction sector which uses a lot of metal structures. In 2003–2007, the metal industry (MI) grew at the fastest pace among all MI branches at an average annual rate of more than 29% but was severely hit by economic downturn in 2008. Currently around 9,400 people are engaged in the metal processing and machinery industry, and, primarily via successful exports, industry has returned to growth.

Largest local players include MechelNemunas (manufacturer of wire products), Astra (Alytus), Alga and Stevila (Marijampole), Ukmerge-based Vienybe, PanevezioAurida, and others. What regards foreign investments, Lithuania is proud to host Schmitz CargoBull (Panevezys) Stansefabriken (Ukmerge), Hi Steel (Kaunas), ADAX (Panevezys) and number of other.

Source: Invest Lithuania

Key Industry Sectors

Image 1 ICT EU's fastest internet and greatest fiber broadband penetration.
Image 2 Biotechnology One of the most sophisticated in Central and Eastern Europe.
Image 3 Lasers and Electronics More than half of the global market of pico-second laser spectrometers.
Image 4 Metal Processing Supplies companies such as Volkswagen, Volvo, SAAB, Renault, Yazaki.