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Lithuania welcomes new ideas and advanced digital solutions, and it has the support of hundreds of foreign businesses. However, the most crucial factor is talent, which demonstrated by international rankings and statistics. 

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Our 3PL+ offering takes third party logistics a step further by managing resources, technology, and infrastructure to help you needs. Apart from warehousing and order fulfillment we also act as an importer of record, offer financial solutions, offering B2C, B2B and cross-dock order fulfilment

International sourcing

We collaborate with manufacturers all over the world to provide simple solutions to complex supply chain challenges, we provide supplier qualification, quality assurance, and full-service procurement. We've established a large network of contacts and solid relationships with carefully selected and well-established supply partners in major geographic areas, giving you access to the contacts you need.

International marketing and sales

We help businesses to appeal to international markets to find business opportunities in other countries. We keep up with worldwide trends and market conditions, we are well-versed in a variety of industries and cultural contexts and have more than two decades of internationalization expertise.

Legal advice

We offer different legal, financial and insurance consultations to answer any standing questions. We can as well offer other resources to answer outstanding questions such as financing, intellectual property protection, patents, taxation, and others.


We can help with supplier qualification and approval, other licensing, and compliance issues. As well as quality assurance - we use the Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to enhance our global supply chain, lowering costs, achieving just-in-time delivery, and reducing lead times.

Why Expand To Lithuania?

Lithuanian talents are multilingual, highly educated, and have the core competencies that international investors require, allowing them to jump into any situation and provide high-quality services from the start.

Networks are formed quickly in Lithuania due to its close-knit business community. As a result, policymakers can be proactive in tailoring the business environment to meet the actual needs of international investors.

Although it may come as a surprise, Lithuania has given Europe one of the oldest languages, a constitution, democracy, and bread. Lithuania today possesses the spirit of skills, infrastructure, and business. As one of Europe’s fastest-growing economies, Lithuania can be the home of many world brands and the leading technology hub in Europe.

1st in the EU for real GDP per capita growth 2000-2020

Source: Eurostat, 2020

Lithuania has the largest ICT industry in the Baltic States

Source: (04.26.2022)

4th for global cybersecurity

Source: International Telecommunication Union, 2019

1st in macroeconomics stability

Source: World Competitiveness report, 2019

3rd in EU for 4G LTE coverage

Source: OpenSignal, 2018

Lithuania has talented labor force

Source: IMD World Talent Competitiveness Rankings, 2022

6th most competitive and neutral in the OECD

Source: International Tax Competitiveness Index, 2020

11th freest economy in the world

Source: Fraser Institute, 2020
Key Sectors
Business services and ICT
Lithuania has the largest ICT industry in the Baltic States, with exceptional potential for both domestic and foreign expanding businesses. In 2019, the information and communications sector contributed approximately 5.3 percent of GDP. At the start of 2021, this sector employed approximately 27 thousand people, accounting for 2.8 %.
Lithuania’s manufacturing sector continues to expand rapidly and steadily. This is fuelled by the decision of numerous foreign companies to locate their next manufacturing facility in Lithuania. Lithuania is quickly establishing itself as a manufacturing destination for high-valueadded products; however, significant potential remains untapped, allowing both new and existing businesses to easily set up and grow their operations.
Lithuania has emerged as a regional centre of excellence for global technology companies seeking to capitalize on the country’s high-quality competencies, whether in software engineering, AI-driven solutions, fintech product development, or compliance and AML. The tech industry is not only rich in expertise, but it is also a hotbed of innovation. Lithuania has one of the Baltic region’s fastest growing start-up ecosystems.
Life Sciences
The Life Sciences sector in Lithuania is growing in importance. The sector is accelerating faster than almost anywhere else in Europe, thanks to an integrated network of science valleys and educational institutions that provide businesses with a pool of top-tier talent eager to learn. Life Sciences companies in Lithuania are among the most profitable in the country, with 90% of their output exported globally, but the market is still underserved.
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